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Whether a water system has just been installed or needs a repair, renewal or just refurbishing there will always be the possibility of contamination. Disinfection of these systems is a legal requirement as laid down in the HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance and the British Standards. Eurocom provide chlorination services that are carried out to the highest possible standards within the industry and also issue a disinfection certificate.

Water Chlorination Contracts


Clients are offered regular contract visits to carry out a well balanced planned maintenance of their sites, to suit their individual needs. This includes cleansing and chlorination of water tanks in strict accordance with ACoP L8 guidelines. Analytical testing of closed water systems including a full written report with any recommendations that may be required and UKAS/NAMAS accredited microbiological analysis. Each site would also be provided with a water treatment and water hygiene log book that is designed to comply with ACoP L8 guideline standards.


Our services include:


  • Chlorination of potable systems to BS8558:2011 specification
  • Chlorination of pipework and water systems to British Standards
  • Tank cleaning and chlorination

Eurocom also provide a range of engineering services carried out by their highly skilled engineers, including:


  • Supply / servicing / installation of chemical dosage / control equipment
  • Supply / servicing / installation of water softening plant
  • Supply / servicing / installation of water conditioning


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